Why choose LibraryH3lp?

In a world of many online customer service options, LibraryH3lp stands out as a trusted and modern software platform reflecting years of hands-on experience and feedback from clients. Every aspect of the system is designed for efficiency, flexibility, expansion, and innovation.

We believe you deserve tools that help you tailor online services, not hinder you with artificial restrictions. We also believe that better doesn't always mean more expensive and that libraries, educators, and non-profits deserve quality tools offered at reasonable price points.


LibraryH3lp software is used by libraries, educators, and non-profits for better customer service

Unlimited standards-based chat

We use the XMPP (Jabber) chat protocol for chat, not a proprietary, closed method. There are tons of staffing software options, including mobile. Each subscription includes unlimited concurrent user accounts.

Unlimited knowledge bases

Provide 24/7 self-service with the FAQ module. Build internal-only and public-facing searchable FAQs that work standalone or embedded within any web page. Import existing knowledge bases or start from scratch.

Unlimited email

Transition from chat to email or start there. Shared mailboxes keep all emails organized, labeled, and in one place for better customer service follow up. Includes an archiving feature to retain email history.

Freedom to collaborate

Use LibraryH3lp collaboratively, across organizations at no additional charge. Don't have a partner? With hundreds of organizations using LibraryH3lp, there is fantastic opportunity for grassroots collaboration.

Extensive APIs

Most of the system is available for programmatic access by your developers. SDK available in Python.

World-wide service

We offer regional servers based in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Simple, affordable pricing

We publish our prices openly, no need to contact us for a quote unless you're in an unusual circumstance. Subscriptions include unlimited chats, FAQs, and user accounts. Text messaging is an inexpensive add-on.

Unparalleled, unrestricted free trial

Our trials are lengthy (90 days minimum), fully-featured, and have no strings attached. During the trial, you'll build your real service, putting it into production before paying even a dime.

Take the first step toward better customer service today Try it FREE for 90-days
No risk, no obligation, no feature restrictions

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