Text messaging provides better customer service for mobile guests on-the-go

With LibraryH3lp's optional text messaging add-on, guests enjoy all of the benefits of live chat without being tied to a website. Guests can text your dedicated support number to chat with staff and get answers on-the-go.

Answer incoming texts in the same client used to staff website chat. Operators instantly receive texts. If guests place a voice call to your texting number, they'll be forwarded to your regular phone. And you can integrate with your existing Google Voice account if you wish.

After hours guests receive a customized offline auto-reply or you can forward texts to a 3mail mailbox.

Texts can be transferred between colleagues and organizations. And integrates with after-hours staffing. You can reuse your number with other products like ILLiad.

Text messaging packages are inexpensive and do not require a local network or physical device. Available for US, Canada, most countries in Europe, Australia, and more.

Want more mobile? LibraryH3lp also offers chat boxes for mobile websites and mobile-optimized FAQs.

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