Live help provides better customer service for guests browsing your website

With LibraryH3lp, adding live chat to your website is as easy as cut and paste. Include chat boxes in any web page and in any CMS, including LibGuides. Chat boxes are also embeddable within Facebook, EBSCO, ProQuest, and Summon. Anywhere you can include HTML!

Chat boxes are customizable, secure, accessible via assistive technology, and work in all major browsers and many mobile devices. Choose from a variety of behaviors, including chat boxes you can embed in a page, chat boxes that float above a page, and chat boxes that pop-out from the page. Add proactive chat invitations to any web page.

The 'click to chat' tab at the bottom of this page shows a pop-out chat box in action. When you use a pop-out chat box, guests browsing your web pages on a smartphone receive a mobile-specific chat box. designed to maximize usability on small screens.

All chat boxes offer online/offline indicators that track your availability and include these localizations: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, French-Canadian, German, Norwegian, Persian, Russian, Spanish, and Welsh.

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