Including 24/7 self-help options like FAQs provides always available help to guests browsing your website

example LibraryH3lp FAQ

FAQs are a 24/7 self-help resource and a time saver for staff and guests. FAQs operate stand-alone or embedded within any web page and are secured with SSL encryption.

Password-protect a FAQ to create an internal-use only knowledge base or keep it public for guests. You get unlimited independent FAQ sites with your subscription.

You have access to all the underlying templates, giving you complete control over styling and structure. But you don't have to start from scratch, we offer 18 themes as starting points. Plus, we take care of the hosting. Each FAQ gets its own URL or you can use your own domain.

Each FAQ includes a built-in mobile-specific version, instant search results, integrated live chat, and an integrated e-mail contact form. You can track the number of views for each question. And there is a built-in social component allowing guests to mark questions as helpful.

Have an existing FAQ? We'll import it free of charge. Visit the LibraryH3lp FAQ to see an example in action.

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