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Get everyone chatting with unlimited chat between in-house staff, remote workers, and organizational partners. Chat one-on-one or in group conference rooms. Private chats between users are encrypted and never stored, offering you the highest level of privacy. Conference rooms are a powerful method of effective decision making and action taking since it connects all the key players in real time.

As a SaaS solution, LibraryH3lp eliminates the need for infrastructure and reduces the burden on in-house IT services. LibraryH3lp is easy to set up and use and unlimited user accounts are included as part of your subscription. Chat from any Internet-enabled PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, providing maximum flexibility even while on-the-go.

Forming a consortium or network of organizations? Extend your private chat network to include all partners. LibraryH3lp also makes it easy to provide seamless staffing and transfer of chats between participating organizations.

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